Client Services overview

Client Services

What sets PharmaNet/i3 Strategic Resourcing apart is our expertise in combining services in ways that are unique to the challenges at hand.

Whether you need support across a clinical development program, a new way of handling a particular function, or the ability to maintain workforce direction with flexible staffing resources, our team has experience designing scalable services that have reduced fixed costs, decreased the number of vendors and produced reliable data. If you are a pharmaceutical or biopharm organization, we can provide a customized, flexible solution that meets your business needs. 

Offering the most experienced strategic partnering team in the industry, a broad suite of functional services, unparalleled staffing services, we will customize a solution to meet your needs. Our functional teams offer deep experience in supporting a broad range of outsourcing models from transactional project based to strategic partnerships.

Clinical Staffing

From a single resource to completely managed teams, we offer short-term or long-term contracts for a contingent workforce with experience that crosses all phases, therapeutic areas, skill sets and geographies. Additionally, we work closely with hiring managers to ensure direct-hire or permanent placement candidates match your required experience and culture.

We have more than 200,000 candidates to rapidly staff programs with experience across a wide variety of therapeutic categories, including oncology, cardiovascular, pain, neuroscience, and infectious diseases/vaccines.

Our process for hiring is the best in the business. We carefully screen applicants, which includes steps for an education and employment verification, background checks, comprehensive skills assessment, and qualification tests. We then match the candidate’s level of experience to our clients’ requirements.

We offer more than 40 years of combined experience in the field. Our global recruiting engine, of more than 130 full time recruiters, specializes in clinical and functional candidate identification and recruitment.

We provide resources with a variety of experience levels in the following clinical competencies:

  • Clinical Operations/Study Management/Clinical Monitoring
  • Statistical Programming/Biostatistics
  • Clinical Data Management
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Drug Safety
  • Medical Writing
  • Oracle Clinical/Clintrial Programming/DBA's

Functional Services

 Our dedicated functional teams have the experience to be your partner in clinical research. We deliver a variety of clinical development services customized to fit your objectives, whether you need a single function across several drug programs, a range of functions within a single therapeutic area, a complete staff lift-out or any other defined need.

Choose PharmaNet/i3 Strategic Resourcing and you will benefit from scalable capacity, dedicated staff, the ability to reduce fixed costs and accelerate timelines. Our teams will rapidly respond to your needs as they evolve. We make the difference in FSP with:

  • Experience: Since our first FSP established in 1999, we have participated in diverse relationships and provided a variety of services. We currently have more than 30 active FSPs. We have experienced people, high-level talent and great leadership.
  • Global Reach: We have a broad portfolio of FSP partners and are working in global, regional and multifunctional partnerships.
  • Performance: Our commitment to quality has ensured long productive relationships with our partners. Our dedicated staff becomes and familiar with your products and processes which streamlines how we work together. A client has never canceled a partnership because of quality or performance.
  • Customization: Every relationship is designed to meet the customer’s needs and service delivery configurations and options.

 We can offer services in a number of functional areas including:

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